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Affordable Prices

We offer a wide array of affordable courses, from pencil sketching to coding starting at an unbelivable price of Rs.459 only.

Interesting Packages

Do you wish to learn cooking ? Gardening ? Digital Art Making ? Or is Coding that you wish to learn ? You name it, we got it.

Excellent Study Materials

Learn anywhere, anytime using our thoughtfully crafted interactive and animated videos and lessons on your smart phones or laptop.

About Us

From house keeping to architecture we got your back

Prana Insight Private Limited brings to the world, the largest virtual academy for skill development. Prana Talent Academy is the space for experts to share their knowledge in any field of learning and learners get to invest in their growth.

We are opening a common learning platform for academic, non-academic, creative, professional and types of skills now known to mankind. This is also a portal for experienced people to step up in their field of mastery and become tutors or teachers for a global crowd.

Prana Talent Academy is an Indian initiative to contribute to the global spectrum of virtual learning and skill sharing.

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Who are the students ?

Anyone who is looking to learn a new skill is a student. Prana Talent Academy welcomes interested people of all ages to join the course they wish to develop knowledge in.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who missed out on conventional methods of learning or wish to brush up their skills.

Prana Insight also bring affordable tution for students of classes 7 - 12 from the convenience of your homes.

We offer you a ladder to reach your dreams anywhere, anytime.

Insight Tutions

7th - 9th

  • Recorded Videos
  • One on One Live classes
  • Group Chat
  • Discussion Forums
  • My Notebook
  • Interactive Q n A

Insight Tutions

11th & 12th

  • Recorded Videos
  • One on One Live classes
  • Group Chat
  • Discussion Forums
  • My Notebook
  • Interactive Q n A


Talent Academy

  • Large collection of Courses
  • Easy Access
  • Interactive Content
  • Affordable Prices
  • Interesting Packages

What we offer

Best Affordable Online Tution

Prana Insight offers affordable tutions from Highly rated academics for the students of classes 7 - 12.

Teach Online

Do you feel you are skilled at something? At Prana Talent Academy, you are a tutor!

Learn Anything, Anywhere

You name any course to learn and we got you covered. All our courses are beautifully designed for easy understanding.


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From house keeping to architecture, we got your back.